Niramaya Yoga offers holistic training for aspiring yoga teachers. The training program is designed in two phases:

  1. Attending specified yoga retreates in Europe and India subject to ones nationality and choice.
  2. Independent practice and learning by self-study and distance learning.

In terms of content, it is about an in-depth practice of the four yoga paths - Jana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Karma Yoga, as well as learning and practicing appropriate teaching techniques and methodologies. The training requires a deep interest in yoga, consistent and serious practice, openness and patience. The basis of the yoga path is the practice of love, respect and compassion towards oneself and all other beings.

Participation in one of the Niramaya Yoga teacher training programs is possible if :
You have experience of minimum two years in practicing yoga/meditation.

For more information kindly send us a brief introduction about yourself and purpose of your interest to complete a teacher training course with Niramaya Yoga.

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