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Learn effective stress management and yoga to keep yourself aware, fit and healthy

Thousands of years ago, ancient yogis had already discovered that mind and body are not two different parts of our being but one. Gross version of mind is body and subtle version of body is mind. Any kind of stress results directly on the body and physical problems affect the mind. No matter which field you work, it is not easy to keep yourself away from stress. Modern studies too have found that most of the day to day health problems, such as lack of concentration, muscular tension, back pain, headaches, migraines, Burnout, obesity, heart disease, diabetes or gastrointestinal problems, are nothing but the side effects of an imbalanced lifestyle.

Even a little awareness about this correlation and some easy to learn yoga practice will independently lower your risks for many health problems. Moreover, people who train their awareness have better moods and more energy than people who don't.
 With Niramaya Yoga you will experience that yoga is not just a physical exercise but a positive way of 24*7 healthy life.

We organise yoga online sessions, unique workshops, seminars and teacher trainings for yoga and meditation as well as complete yoga travels and retreats around the world.

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